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I suspect this will be one of my most controversial posts on here. I have just skimmed through a couple of other people’s posts about sounding and their comments. That has definitely prepared me for how other people feel.

I have a very short list of hard limits. As long as those are respected, I am very open minded about trying new things. Urethral sounding is one of those things. I don’t think I would have gotten around to exploring it on my own but playing with someone who had already explored it brought it onto the agenda.

I have to admit that the name doesn’t really do it any favours. Urethral sounding doesn’t roll of the tongue filled with sexual charge and desire. Maybe that is kind of appropriate though. Sounding isn’t lust filled for me.

A huge part of my kink is intense sensations. Those might be clamps, pinching, twisting, fisting etc. I love sensations that are so intense that they force stillness on me. I adore those moments where my every fibre is processing the sensation and I need to eventually remember to breathe.

Sounding does this for me. As that steel rod slides in, I feel everything from a delightful feeling similar to sliding a cold dildo into my cunt, to an overwhelming sensation that takes over my mind and body. That is when that absolute stillness comes. My instinct is to buck away from it, but I can’t. I daren’t move. Any movement makes it more intense, so I process it. I pull those sensations deeper in me and I feed on them. My cunt pools with lust and my wetness trickles out. 

Explaining how sounding feels and why I like it, is really hard. Suffice it to say, the gentle and subtle movements can bring me to a powerful orgasm, surging through me until I have to beg for the sound to be removed so I can squirm and writhe.

I know some people don’t like the thought of it but for me, our set of beautiful steel rosebud sounds are a bundle of delight.


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  1. I am sooo glad you wrote this. It does seem to be a very niche thing and I really wanted to read a post from someone who could share their enjoyment of it and you absolutely did that. I think you are absolutely right about the name, there is nothing sexy about it at all, it sounds kind of clinical and a bit scary. I know that might work for some but for me I think it just adds to the ‘no thank you’ feelings.

    Your description of how and why it works for you is very enlightening. I don’t think it tempts but it definitely helps me to understand


  2. I love the description here, especially of how you process the extreme sensations involved. It’s really good writing and helped me understand what this type of play is about.

  3. I’m very happy you wrote about this. I could never be in the giving end, I’d be too scared.

    However being in the receiving end I’m not so clear about. When I saw the subject I did cringe and say no way. It’s something that has never cropped up for us, no particular reason, just so many other things to try.

    As I wrote my own post my opinions began to change, maybe the sensations would be wonderful. I think if I was with a partner that had prior experience then I would be more open to experiencing it.

    Whilst I’m not chomping at the bit to try it, I’m no longer saying never ever!

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