A nip at the front – my nipples always seem to be at attention. A nip at the back – or at least a glimpse of the curve of a nipped in waist. This is another of those images where the angle is everything to capture that rare view of all of my curves going in the directions I like. 

Sensual or dangerous? There are definitely curves.

Who else is sharing for Sinful Sunday? Click and see.

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  1. I am now seriously distracted. 😉

  2. Honey this is stunning. I love the shape of your breast and they way the nipple juts out


  3. Beautiful image, getting the right position for any photo is important, god knows i take tens of shots of the same thing to find the one i like. You’ve done a great job here. x

  4. Very beautiful curves ….

  5. You are completely justified in loving this view of you! It’s a beautifully composed image! ~C

  6. Wonderful curves and wonderful image, there is just something so gorgeous about this the curve of the breast and the nipple in particular

  7. Sensual curves are usually the most dangerous one.

  8. Serious nipple envy here 😚

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  10. Your body is beautiful! I love curves!
    Aurora x

  11. Oh definitely sensual !!!

    Xxx – K

  12. Such a simple shot, and so beautiful. Xx

  13. Both! I want both sensual and dangerous! This is a lovely, lovely, lovely photo.

  14. As I said elsewhere.

  15. Just love this beautiful image

  16. A simple and artistic capture of the female form in all its glory – wonderfully done, lovey!

  17. This is stunning, so simple yet there is so much going on. This is pure art!

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