Sometimes an opportunity for a picture comes along and is perfect. This morning was one of those times. An unplanned delight. Everything lined up to make it perfect. They might not be the highest quality – quickly snatched with the lower quality front facing camera – but I think that in some ways, they are the best I’ve ever captured.

I have such a kink for writing on flesh and contours of forms. These images hit both these buttons.

You’d better watch out. I feel utterly invincible and powerfully sensual and sexy after capturing these views of myself.

Who else is sharing for Sinful Sunday? Click the lips and see.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. These are amazing, glorious, beautiful etc. 🙂

  2. Wow – these are stunning Miss Zebra. x

  3. These are gorgeous!

    The third image is my favorite, I think. The way the stripes climb up your neck and the way the shadows fall from your breasts – the counterpoints draw the eye, continually up and down your body. Very sexy!

  4. Lovely images but I LOVE the conviction with which you describe how they make you feel. Amazing post!

  5. Such pretty photos, the lines are awesome!

  6. The stripes have been captured perfectly. Shots that are taken randomly to capture a moment in time sometimes can be better than planned images.

  7. You should feel utterly invincible and powerfully sensual and sexy! Deliriously sexy images, and incredibly artistic as well. Nicely done.

  8. WOW, just WOW!!!

    Rebel xox

  9. Soft light and your gorgeous skin and such a calm image.

    Truly outstanding ❤️

  10. Amazing, amazing amazing! Thank goodness you had your camera! x x x

  11. These are utterly breathtaking. The first one is my favourite, not sure why just something about the contrast of the lines, how they are laying across your skin and the angle of the shot that just all works perfectly


  12. Oh, I love these, honey. The images are beautiful and you are beautiful in them. Fantastic stuff

  13. Glorious pictures, beautifully crafted 💋

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! You definitely took advantage of a perfect lighting moment. I adore photos with shadows on the body like this. Breathtaking.

  15. Love these photos and I am taking ‘full advantage’ of this sexy look.

  16. These are outstanding, I love contrasts and form, you’ve captured them perfectly!

  17. Beautiful shots, and so artistic. Love how the ‘stripes’ follow the contours of your curves. A powerful set of images, and happy for you that they make you feel sensual and invincible xx

  18. Oh my goodness, these take my breath away! Absolutely stunning! I too love writing and lines and these are just hitting all my buttons.

  19. You are one wild beautiful girl! Love the stripes!

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