Deep Need

From the first touch on my leg, my craving starts. That ache that builds. That need that grows. My body responds. 

I open my legs. I push my hips towards you. 

When you move your hand so that your fingers feel like warm velvet against the edges of my labia, I tremble. When you slide your fingers along my slit, I feel my cunt flood in response. When you expertly press, and rub, and pinch at my clit, I desperately squirm and clench. You force me to orgasm and yet I still desperately crave more. 

I need your fingers, slick with my juices, pushed deep into my cunt. I need to feel full, I need to feel your fingers curl and press. I need to feel your fingers pump me. As soon as your fingers invade me, I’m lost in a world of need and lust and love.

Lost in the moment.

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  1. This image, and the words, are fucking incredible, in so many wonderful ways.

  2. Yessssss! I can relate to those words so much.

  3. What an arousing read, not to mention the photo.

  4. Need. Want. Désire. Gorgeous 💞

  5. Oh my…this is a beautiful & perfect post describing the need for a lover’s fingers…arousing photo to go along with your words.

  6. Lovely, sensual photo!

    And great words.


  7. Love the words and the image

  8. Sensuous, both the words and the photo.

  9. ALL the yes to this. Fingers are the best


  10. *nodnodnod*

    Soooo much YES.

  11. Fingers are my favourite!

  12. Mm love the speak of need and fingers, good photo for it

  13. mmm I wish those fingers were mine 😉

    Rebel xox

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