Luscious Spread

This is a picture that I have used before. In fact, I posted it for my second anniversary of blogging way back in 2015. I came across it because I have changed my phone and as a result, I have been going through the two and a half years of images that were saved on it.

This image immediately caught my eye. Originally, I had focussed on the flowers and the fun that I had with using them. This time, what stood out for me was how beautiful my skin is and how perfectly my thighs go with the beauty of the flowers. My thighs are beautiful, strong and, in this position, inviting. If you read some of my harsher posts, you will know that I don’t find looking at myself with the kindest eyes easy. This opportunity to look back through a delicious archive has been wonderful and has allowed me to see myself in a new way. I’ve always known that it is better to walk away from my drawings and come back to them to see them as a whole. The same seems to be true of the art of photography.

Who else is sharing? Click the Sinful Sunday lips and see.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Watching Distant

    Where do we RSVP?
    Great fun picture!

  2. This is a beautiful and HotAsFuck image.

    Also… I am very glad you can look at your body kindly – it is rather splendid. 😉

  3. A delicious image, Honey.
    How beautiful you look

  4. This is a wonderful relaxed and beautiful image. It oozes joy xx

  5. Yes, INVITING is the first thing that came to my mind.

  6. Very creative image…NICE!

    You know what’s even better than roses on your body? TWO-LIPS ON YOUR ORGAN!
    (See what I did there?!) LOL

  7. Luscious is definitely the right word for this. Also leaving images and coming back to them after some time a regular trick of mine. I find I look at them with very different eyes when time has passed


  8. Stunning picture. And time so often offers a great perspective.

  9. So glad you decided to share this again! The photo is absolutely stunning. And couldn’t agree more about your thighs. They look so soft. I always find I look at old photos and wonder why I was so insecure too. I’m so pleased you’ve been able to see your beauty.
    Aurora x

  10. This is a highly erotic image. Nice.

  11. Lovely and (belated) congrats on your blogging anniversary

  12. You really are gorgeous!

    Rebel xox

  13. The flowers and your skin go together so well. You really do look beautiful.

  14. Such a beautiful shot and like I said on twitter I love the love for yourself you’re showing here. Xx

  15. Beautiful image – really glad you see how stunning you look in it. ❤

  16. I wish we actually had a backlog of images to look back on, we always do a last minute panic so have nothing to look back on.

    Love this image but even more so I love your perception of yourself.

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