Summer Rain

I love the rain. My favourite sort of rain is warm summer rain – I guess I am lucky that I live in Britain to indulge in this delight. 

There are different types of rain and some are more wonderful than others. Today I was out walking in the rain – the sort that starts gently and encourages you to stay. I wondered whether to call my walk off and retreat to shelter but it felt too good. It varied between gentle drops and more insistent showers with gas of calm in between. My companions laughed as I got happier and happier the wetter I got. After some desperately down days, today saw me dancing in the rain as I got wet. 

Of course, after dancing in the rain, it’s important to peel those wet clothes off.

Maybe next time I will have the right company to help me peel those clothes off.

I love the rain. It is such a sensual delight and makes me feel in touch with the core of my sensual soul. Of course, when it is one of those amazing summer deluges, it’s a very primal side of my soul that I’m in touch with.

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Sinful Sunday


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  1. Wonderful photo . . . and I totally agree with you. There is something so primal (and sensual) about being wet!!!

    Xxx – K

  2. I got a chance to experience warm rain in Portugal on hols and I opted to go swimming naked in pool so Yes!!! I can sooo relate to those feels mentioned above x

  3. The perfect wet t-shirt.


  4. I loved walking in warm summer rain!

    Until I became unsteady enough for the slipperiness to be a problem.

    I can still sit in the rain though. 🙂

  5. Glad you got a moment of joy in the week you’ve had. Hot photo too! Xx

  6. agreed on – warm summer rain is a very sensual experience – always seems to make beautiful breasts nicer still…

  7. Love this image! And I agree on the warm summer rain, but over here I never find it warm enough to walk in the rain…

    Rebel xox

  8. The best part of a summer rain is tje shedding of wet clothes afterward.

  9. So tempting to peel them off – especially when it’s halfway there to tease to do so, great photo

  10. Lovely shot – I love that point when you just have to give in to the wet and accept the soaking! And the delicious peeling off afterwards…

  11. It’s lovely. To hear you sounding so positive.

  12. LOVE the rain too…great pic.
    (And, love how it looks like your boobs are winking at all of us!)

  13. Rain in the summer time is so sexy and needed. I love your cheeky teasing of your breast… Hot as fuck!

  14. Love that you enjoy the rain, it can be really special!

  15. Oooh damn, I love this kind of photo. This is why I read Sinful Sunday posts without clothes on.

  16. I read your words and I want to experience that but I know that it would just make me cold and that makes me grumpy. I think I need much warmer summer rain than the UK provides to be able to enjoy it how you do.


  17. This is exactly the enjoyment I crave but I need a climate that gives us warm rain. I’m cold enough in this country without the rain adding to the chill factor for me.

  18. Love this photo – So sexy and alluring.

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