Zebra Back

Ever since Zebra, I have wanted to revisit those shadows from a different angle. This week, I got the opportunity. 

I have a deep response to seeing bodies swathed in shadows. I find it utterly sensual and erotic. Far more erotic than seeing the naked flesh without the shadow lines. The shadows act as contour lines making everything more multidimensional. The shadows look as though they lie the tiniest amount above the skin and makes me think of a touch tracing those lines over the beautiful forms of the flesh. Earlier, I messaged @19syllables with these words and I think they capture my thoughts well. 

“It’s the joy of contours. I adore the pattern and shape – the flow of the forms. It’s so delightful and sensual and yet, so very far removed from looking directly at me. It feels like a capture of energy.” 

That’s why I adore shadow pictures. It’s the feeling that the shadows are energy chasing over the sensual form.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. These are so beautiful! I adore images with shadow layers. They do enhance everything. Some of my favorite sexy pictures. Thank you for returning the smile to my face this morning. 😘😊 xoxo

  2. Such amazing shots I had to show them to my man. I agree shadows really add substance photograph.

  3. Oh so lovely. As you say, the senual picking of curves by the shadows is utterly beguiling. Hot AF.

  4. Beautifully sensual and wonderfully erotic.

  5. I love these. Shadow play is so simple yet so striking and these are simply fantastic.


  6. I love this type of photograph where the strips of light form contours that emphasise shapes and curves. Really nice image. 🙂

  7. Such good interesting images ☺️

  8. What a glorious set of images.
    You look fantastic in them

  9. What nice stripes you have!!

  10. GREAT PICS! Love the contrast of the light/shadows!

  11. We had the same idea!! Yours are absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Both beautiful and absolutely fascinating.

  13. Love how the shadows play across your skin, exquisite!

  14. Oh, I love these! The way the shadows curl around the curves of your body is delicious. The closeups where we can see your goose pimples are fantastic – very tactile photos, and the patterns are beautiful on your skin. x

  15. Fantastic! I agree with you – the shadows infuse the images with energy, even while laying soft and sensual across your lovely skin.

  16. The play of light and shadow is absolutely enthralling on you. Beautiful!

  17. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Shadows playing over curves are extremely erotic. You’ve done a beautiful job.

  18. Wow, these are great images. You look sensual and sexy and I love the way the shadows plays with the tattoo. (which I’ve always admired, btw)

  19. These are just stunning. They are all wonderful but I think the second and fourth shots are my favourite. Xx

  20. So beautiful! The shadows set your lovely skin off to perfection x

  21. I absolutely love shadows – I find they show up things we might not spot otherwise x

  22. Such beautiful photographs! I’ve wanted to have a go with shadow photos too. I agree with you completely about how sensual and erotic this type of photo is!
    Aurora x

  23. What I love about them is that they almost look like art work adorning your beautiful body. The first image in the series is my favourite, there is something about it that makes me want to reach out and trace those lines over your body with my fingertips


  24. Love the shadows. And the tattoo!

  25. What a lovely play of light!

  26. I like shadow pictures too – especially when you have to do a double take to realize it’s a nude image.

  27. Oh, these are just stunning! I also adore shadows across skin, though I never could have spoken about the way they make me feel as beautifully as you did here.

  28. These are absolutely stunning. I’d love to have a place that throws such wonderful shadows, I have a massive thing for them too.

  29. Honey, this is absolutely stunning! I keep on scrolling back up to see more. Brilliant image!

    Rebel xox

  30. Those are sexy, sensual images. They remind me of Africa.


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