Protect yourself

Sometimes you have to protect yourself.

When he moved from using the paddle on my arse, to using it on my breasts, my instinctive response was to protect my over-sensitive nipples. My rebellious nature showed through. This might not be the most effective way to plead for mercy.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. Staring long and hard at this photo trying to figure everything out. I like the style of the edit it adds to my arousal.

  2. Staring long and hard at this photo, figuring everything out. The edit adds to my arousal.

  3. Those instinctive responses are the place the power play comes into its own. Enjoying the memories this image has stirred.

  4. Superb image. I love bodyscapes. Yours is mysterious and wonderful. CPx

  5. Oh my what a fascinating image. The finger on your nipple is quite something!
    Indie x

  6. Certainly, caught my attention trying to work out the light and shade

  7. A genuine reaction makes tsking that defense away even more fun.

  8. I love the cheeky tongue… I do wonder if you paid the price though


  9. Love this image and the cheekiness of it!

    Rebel xox

  10. I love the dark and light in this photo’s composition. The cheeky tongue makes me smile, and there is something quite wonderful about the position of your fingers on your nipples.

  11. Lol! I love your rebellious side! What a fantastic image.
    Aurora x

  12. Heee – I love how playful this image is x

  13. Gorgeous picture that paints 1000 words

  14. I was so intrigued by your image and now I’m loving it!
    Great image!

  15. I was so intrigued by your image and now I’m loving it!
    Great image!

  16. Oh wow there is so much to see. A wonderful image xx

  17. Ha! I recognise that rebellious streak. So lovely to see it in others too.

  18. What a wonderful photo. So much of you in it, pulling that cheeky tongue! Xx

  19. wooooooooowwww so amazing thanks for sharing

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