As he left the room, he instructed me to edge until he told me otherwise. Obediently, I immediately started. Lying there, feeling exposed, I brought myself to the edge, only easing off enough to stop myself tipping over the edge and free falling into orgasm.

I rarely masturbate in such an exposed way. My normal method is face down on the bed, legs close together while I grind and squirm against my hand. Today I was exposed. Lying on my back, my legs spread while I played on the knife edge of what would be too much.

He returned to the room and his instructions to me did not stop there.

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Sinful Sunday
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  1. Wow wow wow! Honey, what a post!
    Amazing photography 💋 x

  2. I hope he let you come for being such a good girl. Very sexy

  3. I love the words attached to this image – I hope you were rewarded ? x

  4. Absolutely fantastic image and I do hope you got your reward!


  5. I think I’ve been edging for years without knowing what it was called. I love your words and your photo is glorious. CP xx

  6. Such a fine shot, definitely getting a reaction here.

  7. Excellent – I was hoping someone would choose edging as their word!

  8. very hot post love that photo

  9. Very sexy photo and a very sexy scenario. It’s so much fun being told to play with yourself whilst another watches (or vice versa).

  10. love the image, so raw and erotic!

  11. Those words and the photo, so hot. Wonderful photo xx

  12. Gosh . . . such a lovely and intimate image.
    I’m sure you were rewarded???
    Xxx – K

  13. Such a gorgeous intimate shot! You have more willpower than me, I can never stop at the edge lol
    Aurora x

  14. Such a gorgeous image and the words make it even sexier!

    Rebel xox

  15. As ever your words make the post, even when the image is amazing to start with. Xx

  16. You have hit a of the nail right on its head with this. We share a masturbation technique that isn’t ‘normal’, I feel exposed when on my back with legs spread and I have a need to be hidden.

    Great image and description!

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