This picture is one that I didn’t imagine I would post up until very recently. I have a lot of confidence in my body even though I would prefer a much smaller stomach. There is one part of me though that I have always tried to minimise in pictures.

That part of me is my labia. I have had an uncomfortable relationship with them ever since they became prominent. At puberty, I wondered whether they were so long because of the fact that I had always played with myself. Of course that wasn’t the cause, but even then I was aware that they were longer than average.

Over the years, I have become happier with them. There are practical issues like having to avoid chafing with the wrong underwear or if wearing none at all. On the whole though, I love them. They are sensitive and that offers a whole extra set of possibilities when playing.

One thing that does worry me a little at present, is that I know there are completely legitimate reasons that someone with labia like me would consider labiaplasty. There have been times when I have thought about it, especially when due to a medication change, I became very dry which meant that my labia became uncomfortable just from the friction of normal clothes. It worries me that there is such a level of judgementalism about the procedure that people who are really struggling feel put off from seeking out the options. We shouldn’t judge others for their decisions about their body.

Even though I feel positively about my long labia now, I still try to make them less obvious in photos. I sometimes tuck them in or change the angle to minimise them. Today, I have decided to be bold and take a photo that celebrates their plumpness.


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  1. It’s lovely that you have accepted them as they are! I have never stopped to think that longer inner labia could give such discomfort. Thanks for enlightening me.

    I love your image 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Well done you!

    I love them. Protruding labia offer much more fun during cunnilingus and tormenting. The pinwheel has much more area to play with, for example.

  3. Good for you and well done!!
    I see your point, and you make a good argument, though I would never judge in any event.

    ~Kazi xx

  4. For what my opinion is worth I think you look beautiful and it makes me happy that you decided to share this image.

    On a related note a few years ago I had a friend (also a sex blogger at the time but not any more) who decided to have surgery on her protruding labia. At the time it made me sad she had chosen that but when we talked about it I realised that I was wrong to feel that and instead I should support her, celebrate with her, that she had that choice and made it for really good reasons. She had spent years living with ‘being sore’ in some way or other and had damaged and even torn in from time to time. She was, as she so perfectly pointed out to me, making a decision purely for herself and to improve her life. It was not about looks at all but purely about years of living with something that had become increasing annoying and difficult. As she said to me, if I had a protruding mole that constantly got trapped and damaged in my bra strap you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if I decided to have it removed so why is this part of my body any different. She was absolutely right.


  5. I said I’d stop procrastinating, but I’ve started writing, still not entirely sure what to say, so I may ramble…

    I love that you posted this picture and also the words that go with it. There are so many more ‘obvious’ parts of our bodies that women are insecure about (if you excuse the use of the word obvious given you’re talking about visibility!) that it’s easy to forget how personal our insecurities can be. As a woman it’s easy to think sometimes that you understand each other’s concerns by virtue of being a woman, but of course this isn’t true and posts like this help us all understand and empathise more fully. And I had never considered the physical discomfort side of long labia either. Which is similar to what Molly is saying, I guess.

    I’m really glad you posted this picture and I hope that others who have similar concerns that you once felt are reassured and inspired by your words. Xxx

  6. This is something that so many people do not realise about longer labia, that they can get sore and uncomfortable. This is something that occasionally happens to me and it can be completely distracting as well.

    I applaud you for bringing this very real situation out into the open and for providing us with a beautiful image.

    Velvet x

  7. Firstly, you look beautiful. Secondly, I’m so, so pleased you posted this picture, not least because many of the labia we see in mainstream porn are ‘idealised’, by which I mean bubblegum pink and with tiny, tucked away lips. We need more pictures like this, showing that there is a HUGE range of shape and size and arrangement when it comes to our vulvas.
    Women’s bodies are all very different and those porn labia are in no way representative of women as a whole. My own, for instance, looks nothing like them – not least because (thanks to joys of childbirth) I am lopsided and scarred.

    Bravo a thousand times over.

    Jane xxx

  8. It really irritates me that people can judge others on the surgery they chose. Yes, it’s sad people aren’t happy with the bodies they have but why should people encourage nose or boobs jobs yet frown on people who elect for labiaplasty.

    I am glad you’ve learnt to leave love them though, I have gone through a similar turnaround with my boobs.

  9. Beautiful woman
    Bravo x x x

  10. Ditto to all of the above. We are all who and what we are . . . and acceptance and sharing our feelings and situations makes us all stronger!
    Xxx – K

  11. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  12. Beautiful image, beautiful post. I really loved your perspective.
    Malin xxx

  13. Thanks for sharing this! It was a beautifully written post with a beautiful image to illustrate.

  14. Love how supportive everyone is :))))))))))))))))

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