God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

This story is inspired by Exhibit A’s Christmas Erotica Meme

Rounding the corner, Lily smiled as she saw piles of heaped up snow at the edge of the path – the short hillocks acted as an honour guard along the now cleared stones. The path had drawn her attention, but now she began to notice round bruises of snow against the bricks and tree trunks. The scooped furrows gave away the game and Lily quickly realised that Jim hadn’t cleared the path alone; nor had it been a chore.

Lily quietly turned her key. She was back earlier than expected and she wanted to surprise Jim. The kitchen was empty but the warm spiced aroma and the abandoned pair of wine cups told their own story of more of Jim’s day. Wondering which friend had been here, Lily moved towards the living room. Soft, deep murmurs made her realise that Jim still had company.

The murmuring was contented but no matter how hard Lily strained her ears to hear, she couldn’t make out the words or pick out which friend it might be. Each silent step took her closer to the doorway where she would have to choose exactly when to say, “Hi”.

As she reached the door, Lily realised what was happening. The ebb and flow of voices wasn’t the sound of muffled speech, it was clearly rhythmic moans of pleasure. Holding her breath, Lily leaned and peeked through the crack of the door. Most of her view was filled with Jim’s wide muscled shoulders, drawing her eye down his back to the wonderful globes of his arse which were tensing in time with his movements. He was kneeling on the floor in front of the wide inviting arm chair. Looking further, she saw the hand of another on the back of Jim’s head, keeping the gentle pressure as he moved up and down.

Lily gasped. Those sinewed forearms belonged to Jim’s climbing partner Michael. Michael, the focus of so many delicious daydreams at climbing events. Michael whose form fitting lycra climbing gear left so very little to the imagination. Lily adjusted her position as much as she dared. Now she could see Jim as he worked Michael’s thick length in and out of his mouth. The murmurs of pleasure were louder now and joined by the sloppy sounds of a deliciously wet blow job. Michael’s hands weren’t gentle anymore as he held Jim’s head and thrust faster into his mouth. Lily gripped the door frame keep her own self steady. Her other hand stuffed into her mouth so no sound would betray her presence.

Lily almost crumpled as Michael’s hands curled into fists in Jim’s hair forcing him to take every inch of his pulsing spurting cock deep in his throat. As the shuddering subsided, Jim lifted his head, licked his lips and grinned a shared grin with Michael. Lily suddenly felt that she was intruding on their intimacy. She crept back down the hallway and to the door. Once there, Lily noisily opened the door and called out as if she had just arrived.

Jim appeared in the hallway, still adjusting his jogging bottoms. Grinning, he greeted her, swung her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

Lily licked the salty tang from her lips before asking,

“Having fun?”

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  1. ooof, you cannot leave us hanging there!!!

  2. I love this line, “round bruises of snow against the bricks” … lovely! And I agree, would love to read what happens next.

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