Seven Wonders of my Blogging World

I have been starting and abandoning posts recently. Being ill isn’t helping with positivity, clarity and perspective. Several beginnings have turned into a look at the negativity that bugs me currently. I don’t like being negative, so those posts are put away for now.

This post is a celebration of people who fill my life with goodness (and filthy smut).

The first mention has to go to my man. I love him and I know that he loves me. I cannot overemphasise how amazing it is to feel loved instead of tolerated. Add on to that, all the joy that we have together and all the wicked delights that we explore and you can start to understand the very special place he has in my heart. It isn’t all rainbows of joy. I can be a frustrating nightmare to be around at times. The way he questions my writing and pushes me is quite awesome, especially as he is often faced with me in a full tsunami of frustration, self-doubt and stubbornness. It’s a sign of his belief in me that he doesn’t ban me from ever writing any fiction ever again.

The next person that I want to shout out to is the wonderful Oleander Plume. Seriously, when I miraculously turn into a rich kid, she needs to watch out for my helicopter landing to get us in the same place for a drink. She is a powerhouse of awesome and smut and it is thanks to her inspiring prompt competition that I might be going to have a story published. Add onto all that, the deeply inspiring honesty with which she grapples the bitch of a past that she got dealt and I need to share a bottle with that lady. By the way, if you haven’t already, go read her stories. They are HOT!

Next is the hyper-organised, incredibly productive and wonderfully tasty Marie Rebelle. I am so happy to call this lady my friend. Marie balances down to earth reality and utter sexiness in one package. She is beautifully honest in her writing, steamy in her fiction and deliciously creative in her pictures. She also has endless energy for encouraging others and both joining in with and running memes. If I manage to achieve a level of time for myself, I will definitely be trying to contribute more to Wicked Wednesday. Marie was my neighbour at this year’s Eroticon. I hope we can be again. I have my smooch and tweak ready for when I see her next. It feels so good knowing Marie.

I have to mention Molly. Without her Sinful Sunday meme, I wouldn’t have a blog at all. I spent a few weeks as a voyeur but then the exhibitionist in me shouted for an outlet. Molly always finds a positive to comment on every Sinful Sunday post and she is very encouraging to newcomers. She writes a huge range of posts including opinion, information and steamy fiction. Be careful though – her photography is so mesmerising that you may need to nudge yourself to remember to take your eyes from the image to look at the words. I have had the pleasure of meeting up with Molly a few times and she has a very naughty twinkle in her eye. I really hope to get dragged off into the woods with her soon.

Next for a shout out is my partner in ditching (one for the road, followed up with one for the ditch) the lovely @exposing40. I am lucky to live close enough to spend time together and have lots of fun. After all, she had me naked minutes after entering her flat (for photos). She is a lot of fun and very thoughtful at the same time. Her body positivity blog is something that I hope goes from strength to strength. Oh, and have you seen her legs? They go on for miles of deliciousness.

Next is Exhibit A. I doubt he knows it but his Sinful Stories competition started three things for me. First was taking photos that could be used as an inspiration. I love the way my mind works when coming up with those images. It is a wonderful, open creative thought process. Second was to write a story for the competition that he then gave wonderful feedback on. Third was that the competition introduced me to the work of Malin James. Add on to all of that, Exhibit A has always been charming and welcoming at every event I have seen him at and very encouraging about giving things a try. Oh, and of course, he writes some steamy smut. You will need a moment for yourself.

You might guess from that last paragraph that next on my list is Malin James. I could happily spend twenty four hours a day telling the world about this woman. Her writing is exceptional. I don’t read the words, they bypass that part of me and I feel the story play out. Malin weaves magic with her words that directly resonates with me. Add on to that, she writes wonderful, composed and well-reasoned opinion pieces that provoke thoughtful responses. I have to confess that the fact that she has been inspired by two of my photos counts very high on my list of things to be most proud of. She has inspired me too with her words which I made into images here and here. I would have happily turned the evening that I spent with her into forever (I am more than a little in love with Malin).

There are others whose blogs I always seek out and whose images have me oscillating between awe and envy. I must put together a blog roll to share those. This post was to show a tiny part of my appreciation of people who have had a huge impact on me personally and as a blogger.

I guess I am already meeting one of my aims of joining in with more Wicked Wednesday posts. Click and see who else has too.

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  1. Thank you very much for the mention…. and yes, into the woods we shall go. Roll on 2016!


  2. Thank you so much for your utterly lovely words, my friend <3

    We should definitely be neighbours again! I can't wait for the smooch and the tweak! We are going to have so much fun together!

    Rebel xox

  3. Oh, Honey! Thank you so much! What you said means do much to me, as does being included on this list. You are one of the kindest, strongest and most talented women I know. It’s a privilege to call you my friend – one I am very grateful for. Xxxxx

  4. Thank you so much for including me in such great company. Getting to know you had been one of my 2015 highlights. Can’t wait to toast the year next week. Xxx

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  6. No, Honey, thank you for being a true friend, an inspiration and a joy to know. Happy New Year to you, wishing you all the best for 2015! xoxox

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