Take me to where I need to be.

I find it hard to find the words that do justice to feelings and experiences. It is even more true of beautiful, exquisite and dynamic experiences like spanking.

Last night, I was over his knee receiving a very longed for spanking. The first impacts built quickly and I was in a determined struggle and turmoil. I fought to process the sensations instead of just defensively react to them. I fought with my own thoughts; the ones telling me to worry about how much I struggle and that this might be too much.

Then there was, and always is a change. I know he is hitting hard but it just feels glorious. Each blow takes me deeper and my noisy mind gets quieter. My minds last salvo of insecurity is to point out that I am going to get so calm and floay that he will think I am bored.

Those beautiful thuddy spanks continue taking me deeper into space. They hurt so deeply, so beautifully. He mixes it up with stinging slaps. My body remembers to protest and a deep sigh of ow escapes me.

That space where each spank thuds into my flesh, forcing calm and a surge of endorphins through me is an amazing place. Words become scattered in my mind and I live for each blow, never wanting it to stop and yet craving more until it becomes too much.
I rarely feel as utterly centred as when I am over his knee, his hand holding, pulling my hair whilst the other spanks deep into my flesh.

After the spanking and after the cuddles, I am still suffused with the glow.





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Sinful Sunday


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  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes…. everything you have said here. The thoughts, the fight, the disappearance of all thought into the moment.


  2. Beautiful words and pictures! And such a beautiful state of mind. Just reading of it almost sets me off in that direction.

  3. your lovely arse in lace, you found the perfect words too! xxx

  4. Beautiful! Words and picture both.

  5. Lovely bottom and words that could have floated out of my thoughts. Really loved this.

  6. Such perfect words to describe a gorgeous experience and image.

  7. Absolutely! Yes! Everything in this post! It’s like that for me too…

    Rebel xox

  8. My kink allows me to be part of this kind of experience from the other side of the equation. Watching my partner let go and float is always fun for me. Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  9. I love these words! And your arse looks fabulous! Xxx

  10. The only pink blush against the white lace is so beautiful. Like you I love my mind emptying during a spanking, I just haven’t experienced it over his knee yet.

  11. Oh but I so LOVE that white lace! Stunning!!!
    Xxx – K

  12. very cool description of your punishment taking you to your special place

  13. Absolutely beautiful pink glow in your skin! And those panties are the perfect compliment!

  14. Absolutely beautiful pink glow in your skin! And those panties are the perfect compliment!

  15. Such a perfect description and a beautiful glow.

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