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A while ago, the wonderful Malin James wrote Mourning Sun. As well as moving me deeply, Malin’s story inspired me. I bravely wrote to her asking a favour. I asked permission to draw her and for her to send a photo to me to use.

I was exceptionally excited when she agreed and exceptionally nervous in case I couldn’t do her justice.

I took photos of my drawing at different stages.


I started taking the photos of the drawing to document it and also because I wasn’t sure that I wouldn’t spoil it as it progressed.


As my drawing developed, I could feel both my confidence and satisfaction grow. I kept taking the photos to document my progress.


This next picture is the one where I knew I would show it to Malin with a grin of satisfaction on my face.


This next photo is the finished picture that I was absolutely, heart-dancing-with-joy, thrilled to give to Malin in person. I am so grateful to her for giving me the joy of this drawing.


A is for Art, and art nurtures the soul.

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  1. Fantastic x x x I love seeing the process too x x A for art indeed x

  2. This is wonderful! It’s such a cool reveal to see each phase of the image as it comes to life.

  3. Beautiful! I also enjoy seeing the evolution. Isn’t drawing so relaxing? I love those activities that let your mind go on autopilot.

  4. Wow. Such amazing talent! Very impressive.

  5. You are so right about this “A is for Art, and art nurtures the soul.” and I am so glad you took pictures along the way, being able to see this beautiful drawing evolve is fabulous


  6. This is absolutely stunning. Lovely to see the progression of the image!

    Velvet x

  7. Wow, I love it!

  8. i did not know you were such a talented artist!!!

  9. You are so incredibly talented in so many ways…I was honored that you wanted to draw me, and even more honored to receive this beautiful portrait from you in person. I love it so much. Xxxxxx

  10. Love this. I especially love seeing the process. I always take shots like this of my craft.

  11. Wow. I love the progression of this beautiful picture!

  12. Beautiful progression, and soul-nourishing indeed!

    ~Kazi xxx

  13. That is amazing. Go you for trying something new and be inspired!

  14. That is stunning! I love to see a work as it progresses 🙂

  15. I never learned to draw in stages like this. I wonder if I might have been better at it if I had. Very lovely.

  16. Wow, this is so good! I really enjoyed seeing the work in progress and seeing how it developed. You have a lot of talent! Xxx

  17. That is truly amazing, you are so talented. I attempted to sketch for the first time since I left school and if I can locate the sketchbook, which I ‘tidied away’ I’ll tweet my attempts.

  18. Oh this is lovely . . . and very clever!!!

  19. This series makes me smile, partly because it’s fabulous but mainly because I know how happy it made you. Xxx

  20. Wow, this is great! It makes me wish I could draw more than a stick man. x

  21. Oh Honey, this is gorgeous! You are so talented!

    Rebel xox

  22. Absolutely charming and beautiful.

  23. Amazing! Such talent! And such a gorgeous model.

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