Nature is sexy

This weekend, the Sinful Sunday prompt is outdoor photography. I love being out in nature and I love taking and being in photographs outdoors. For once, I had a lot of ideas to choose from. As always, opportunities to execute them was the challenge. At least two of them will need a bit of help. 

In the end, I have gone for a quick glimpse of how deliciously sexy and inspiring being in nature can be.

Sexy nature.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. It took me moment to figure, but as soon as I figured the glass I got it. Nice.

  2. That is so discreet. And so sexy!

    Lovely photo!

  3. I was looking for a moment and then shouted ‘SNAKE!!!’……and then realised 😉

    Great and creative image xx

  4. You are so right, nature is very sexy and even more so with you in it


  5. Awesome pic! Took me a bit to see your lil secret, love it!

  6. I do love images taken in nature, so much beauty all wrapped up with fun sexiness.

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