Line up!

I am a bit of a tricky masochist. I am very independent at looking after and out for myself. This can make me defensive and protective. To really enjoy a longer beating or spanking, it’s important to find the right way to get me utterly turned on and ready.

Mind you, I still absolutely get off on thinking about the intensity of having a no preparation caning or belting. The harshness and the fact that it will be too sudden for me to process really ticks my boxes.

Here is the evidence of a quick, bend-over-and-take-it one from last weekend.

Every one of those stripes were hard to process and I think they are beautiful.

I love the long, indulgent spankings that make me float as high as a kite. I also love the cruel harshness of the bite and flinch of these types of canings. Oh, and I love the neatness of these lines.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. I’d prefer to use my hand on your bottom, I think.

  2. Fantastic lines and so neat!

  3. Unfff!

    No words sometimes.

  4. Very beautiful and I really do know what you mean 🙂

  5. I’m not a cane fan, but I’m a spanko through and through. I miss it.

  6. Yup. The stripes are beautiful. I totally get what you’re saying here; A cold caning is such a different thing from one that vines at the end of s long build up.

  7. I completely get what you mean by the two different types and the harsh no prep one is definitely harder to process but is hot in a completely different way.


  8. You wear the stripes well.

  9. Gorgeous, blushingly beautiful photo . . . and such lovely stripes !!!

    Xxx – K

  10. Lovely stripes. I always admire the pain you can get it. Still processing the whole spanking thing as I just don’t like the pain. This is very powerful.

  11. Stunning image!

    Rebel xox

  12. I think these marks are beautiful.

    I don’t class myself as a masochist even though I like certain types of pain. For hitty things I need warming up and preparation, I can’t process the pain from quick beating which means I miss out on such pretty marks!

  13. Your arse is a perfect heart from that angle. And such pretty perfectly neat lines! Xx

  14. Oh, what perfectly parallel lines! I agree with you on two types of beatings. I want to always be in the mood and able to take more, more, more, but sometimes, I just can’t, which is frustrating. and I think, now that you mention it, it might have a lot to do with preparation. Definitely something for me to think more on.

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