Reality says that I won’t always be presented in the glamorous lingerie with the perfect make-up and fuck-me heels. Reality says that moments are more often hurried and snatched rather than planned and savoured. Reality makes things hard.

Reality also says that I can drop to my knees and crawl up to you any time it’s right. Reality also says that shorts, converse and a top can be the perfect clothes to inspire lust and to show you how much I am ready for you. 

Reality says that you can order me up those stairs and I will run or rush or walk or crawl for you according to your whim. 

Reality says, “Here I come.”

This week is prompt week and it is steps or stairs. Click the lips to see who else is joining in.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Oh, goodness – that is so hot. Great pic – thank you.

  2. Sexy is as sexy does – love the whole idea of it

  3. You know what, I’ll take reality anytime. Wonderful photo. Glad you got one that worked for you, it certainly does for me.


  4. Rawrr, this is a very suggestive pic, love it.

  5. Gorgeous image and the words really bring it alive.

  6. Oh!

    This is a hotasallhell image, accentuated by your words. Well done!

  7. Reality is that I am sitting here in a cafe responding to this fabulous image. Sometimes reality is great!

  8. Oh wow. That was really hot. And the words to set the tone for the picture … well wow again!

  9. This is just so so hot. This definitely says: here I come!

  10. Wow . . . sensationally sexy!!!
    Love this!!!
    Xxx – K

  11. “shorts, converse and a top can be the perfect clothes to inspire lust” and the image proves this statement!


  12. Reality sounds more like heaven to me lol! This is a seriously hot photo. It’s like sexy tigeress coming to get you. And who wouldn’t want to be your prey?
    Aurora x

  13. A truly incredible and sexy image!

  14. What a delightful scene you’ve set! I think your reality sounds quite dreamy. 🙂

  15. And reality says… this is fucking beautiful!

    Rebel xox

  16. This resonates with me quite a lot at the moment. Looking at others in lingerie and high heels I think I should feel sexy in them but actually I don’t feel like me at all. Reality is I’m the girl next door and not a pin up, reality means I need to accept that and not worry what other people think.

    Thank you.

  17. Something about the asymmetry of the nudity is so appealing. Love the stance and the stairs!

  18. Oh my god, this is so hot!! I can almost see the look on your face as you prowl up the stairs. And reality trumps fantasy every time when it comes to this. Rawr!

  19. I am in agreement with every one else. I find it just so incredibly sexy to see your glorious breast. Hotter than hot.

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