In Repose

A couple of weeks ago, Exposing40 and I explored a cemetery. You can see one of the images from that day here

Exposing40 is a wonderful photographer and so much fun to have an adventure with. I’m totally spoilt for choice with images to use from the day but I’ve managed to select one.

I love this image. It speaks to me in so many ways. It feels right to share today.

In repose amongst the jumble of the graveyard.

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Sinful Sunday
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  1. Lovely, you and the background!

  2. I love photos in churches or cemeteries – all types but particularly nude ones. Just something so right about the scene.

  3. For me, cemeteries have a strange energy to them that I find curiously seductive, which is odd given, in them, you’re surrounded by death.

    This image also has that quality to it, I can see why you picked it, it;s really beautiful


  4. As a fellow lover of cemeteries I find this image quite powerful. Cemeteries are places I’ve often gone to when in a contemplative mood, and your relaxed upward looking pose suggests something of the same. I find the idea of being sensually alive in a place where death is the focus quite empowering! There is something of the idea of death and the maiden in this. Visually and tactilely I appreciate the juxtaposition of your pale curves against the hard dark scratchy stone.

  5. One word… well two actually… Salvador Dalí.

  6. Delicious. Love that pose, exposed to the elements, open and relaxed.

  7. Ohhhh cemeteries and graveyards are so my thing and this image makes me want to go and find one and tuck myself away in some quiet corner and commune with death. That probably sounds weird but I actually find them hugely arousing…. as I find this picture to also be


  8. I love cemetery photography, especially in greyscale. The textures of the stone always pop so well.

  9. Beautiful, I’ve always loved cemeteries.

  10. What a great setting and picture! Really very very cool.

  11. You look so relaxed. Cemeteries aren’t my thing, but I love how this photo turned out. Just lovely

  12. Very atmospheric! Love the light and darkness!

  13. Fabulous . . . fabulous photo!
    Speechless . . . except to say it is SO beautiful!!!
    Xxx – K

  14. I think is such a glorious post, such a glorious celebration of being female, relaxed and utterly beautiful. And also isn’t Exposing 40 a wonderful photographer, she encapsulates the beauty of female

  15. That was such a fun afternoon. Xx

  16. As so many others have commented, cemeteries can somehow be seriously sexy. Great image!

  17. OMG this is simply so incredibly gorgeous. I really would love to go out with you girls one day, to be in front of Exposing40’s camera and to see myself back after that. She really is a talented photographer and you are such a beautiful model 🙂

    Rebel xox

  18. “That’s a beautiful photo. You look very alive, and the shot is so atmospheric!

  19. I adore cemeteries! This is a breathtakingly beautiful picture.

  20. That’s a spectacular setting.

  21. Oh cemetery’s are one of my favourite locations, I can be lost in the fir hours at a time! Sadly I haven’t stumbled across such a beautiful sight in one yet though.

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