I’m careful with some of the views of my body that I capture in photos and share. My aim is to see myself in a way that is positive, fun, beautiful and sexy. Sometimes, I have posted images that directly challenge or admit to my struggles with negative thoughts and frustration.

In the summer, my man asked me to take a lot of images. He wanted me to take pictures from 360° to make me see myself without hiding. There are quite a few of those images that I still wish were not me but I am much more positive about than before.

Today’s image is a strange one. I struggled to take it. My hip makes sitting cross-legged difficult (which is why one leg is out to the side) and of course, getting into position on a 10 second timer is also a challenge. I’ve come to like this image though. It’s not really posed. It’s soft and natural and it’s me.

Who else is sharing for Sinful Sunday? Click and see.

Sinful Sunday
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  1. It’s a lovely relaxed pose. I like it a great deal.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. You are giving me courage and inspiration.

  3. Natural and gorgeous

  4. Beautifully soft and natural . . . just gorgeous!!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Oh there you go again.
    Being all brilliant and amazing again.
    All boxes ticked.
    Credit to you and your mans requests.

  6. Gorgeous! Xx

  7. You look really relaxed and very natural. If you felt uncomfortable it most def hasn’t come across in your image. I love it and I love the idea behind this shot. What a fabulous way to embrace you <3

  8. You look wonderful it’s such a natural pose . Thank you for sharing it with use

  9. It is a wonderful picture so i cam see why you like it. Usually its much better to simply be who we are rather than staged.

  10. This is beautiful, you are beautiful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring people. x

  11. A very beautiful shot, love it xxx

  12. You’re so amazing. And that’s a great task your man set you. Xx

  13. It is you and you are so very beautiful. I can’t stop looking!

    Rebel xox

  14. Beautiful and natural. Utterly adorable image.

  15. A very pretty image, that contorting in 10 seconds thing is an art!

  16. I am delight that you have come to love this image because I think it is stunningly beautiful. You are right in that it is soft and natural and I think it is glorious


  17. I love the 360 project! What a beautiful thing he asked you to do, I know how hard it is to see ourselves as others do and I have many photos of myself that still make me cringe. But I love that he asked you to do it. To see yourself as he sees you. There’s so much love there, my heart is full. This photo is absolutely lovely. You look luxurious and also approachable. Comfortable and sweetly sexy. I really love it.

  18. It is a beautiful photo! So relaxed and natural. I may have to try the 360 photos. I imagine it would be very difficult though.
    Aurora x

  19. “It’s soft and natural, and it’s me.” – that’s what makes it so beautiful. Simple and lovely photo. You may have felt a struggle inside or in your body, but you look serene.

  20. I’m happy that you’ve come to love this image, it is beautiful. And you have my sympathy when it comes to camera timers, it’s impossible to get into a natural looking pose in ten seconds so I’m super impressed you managed it here!

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