Effigy in flesh
Not marble sculpted: carved from
Blood and heart and soul.

                        Haiku by @19syllables

Image by @exposing40

Taking my pleasure in a graveyard might be seen as very sinful. Who else is joining in with Sinful Sunday? Click and see.

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  1. Love this – the bench in the background, the inscription at your feet, the stone all around you and I think a statue behind you? Marvoulously sinful!

  2. I lovvvvve this! I’ve alwats wanted to be naked in a cemetery! Great shot, great words!

  3. I’m overwhelmed. Do you have any idea how fantastic this image is? I want to be there.

  4. I LOVE this. It totally taps into my graveyard, cemetery kink. They turn me on and always make me want to touch myself


  5. Such an amazing photo . . . there is something quite captivating and powerful about the pose, the setting . . . the sexuality!

    Xxx – K

  6. Am I the only person rund here wh doesn’t get off on the idea of graveyards> Sure, they’re interesting places, often with beautiful stonework, but they definitely don’t give me a boner.
    That said, the setting is fantastic, the pose is beautifully tantalising, and I’d be very happy if I’d been the one getting photographed.
    Very sexy!

  7. Beautiful sexy photo! Love cemeteries but it’s been many years since I was naked and horny in one!

  8. It might be sinful but it is so sexy too! Such a gorgeous image and the haiku fits it perfectly 🙂

    Rebel xox

  9. This is exquisite Honey. Should I ever have a tomb I would be so very delighted to have such gorgeousness draped upon it!

    O x

  10. This is stunning <3 Really awesome shot !

  11. This is gorgeous. I always love the textures of old stone carving.

  12. I adore this, it’s fabulous!

  13. What a wonderful afternoon that was! 😊

  14. Perhaps the dead see it as a way of honoring them? You’re a lovely gift so I’d be happy

  15. Looks like you found an amazing location. Lovely photo

  16. Your creamy skin against the cold rough stone…brilliant!

  17. Lovely photo!

    Well sculpted, you!

  18. What a stunning setting for a photo! You look amazing, I adore this photograph!
    Aurora x

  19. I love graveyards and I love being naked in them. Love your flesh tones against the marble.

  20. Oh god i LOVE this. It’s gorgeous; but then also the striking visual of life (nude warm breathing playful sensual flesh) atop a marker to life-once-lived. I’m in love with this. (Oh wait I said that already. Oh well.)

  21. Like a number of others, I have a bit of a cemetery/graveyard kink. I’ve been trying to plan a bondage photo shoot in one for 20 years…

  22. A breathtaking addition to the already beautiful scene

  23. If I was the one buried underneath, I don’t think I’d mind. In fact I’d probably be flattered. (Well actually I’d be dead, but let’s not be too logical about this . . . )

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