Out of Season

I asked my man to step in and write for me today because hormones are making life hard for me. I am very grateful for and thrilled with his thoughtful words.

Today’s sensually Sinful selfie is one of a series taken weeks ago, as part of an exploration of alternative angles and viewpoints. It’s not a new picture, but that’s OK: some things need time to mature, and are best enjoyed out of season. Cheese and wine are both richer for the time they are given to fully embody their respective natures, bread simply cannot be rushed into the oven, and a chutney that hasn’t spent months mellowing on a dark shelf frankly isn’t worth opening.

Here we are, in the middle of October, basking in a weekend of pure, ripe, glorious sunshine. What would have been just another day in summer (if that wet, dreary, dreich few weeks can be called “summer”) has been transformed by waiting. Seen from this angle, from our current perspective, those precious hours of blue-skied warmth become something richer and rarer than before.

Some things are best enjoyed out of season.

And we struggle, still, to rein in our frustration at circumstances that dampen our plans, and bodies that are long past their primes, and lives that must be lived apart. We are neither of us fresh young things, and what should have been the summer of our lives has been ravaged by storms. But I suspect in years to come we will find ourselves one day bathed in autumn sun; the rain forgotten, the pains and woes suspended for a time, and we will gather bread, and cheese, and wine, and together we will open up a love matured and ripe, and take a bite of happiness.

Some things are best enjoyed out of season.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. This is a stunning shot, you look so bold and powerful and the words, his words, are beautiful.


  2. Accidental Masturbator

    I never thougth I’d read the word chutney on Sinful Sunday

  3. This is a cool shot. And the pair of socks on the bed makes me giggle.

  4. Fantastic well done good photo good writing 😸

  5. Damn, the picture already blew my mind away, but those words… beautiful and emotional and strong and just so GOOD! Stunning post!

    Rebel xox

  6. What a great image and angle combined if course with wonderful words and sentiment.

  7. Oh my such beautiful words and a great image too

  8. This is a beautiful posting in all ways – I love the words, and cheer its sentiments, and love the shot. I’ve also been experimenting with angles, because it can be frustratingly difficult trying to get some more of the essence of me/one with just straight, centre-stage shots. More please….

  9. Lovely words . . . and a lovely, sensual view!!!
    Xxx – K

  10. Such a striking, powerful pose and such a great shot. I hope you’re feeling better!

  11. Wow this is such a powerful photo! It reminds me of a statue, possibly because of the black and white filter? Either way, absolutely stunning! And the words are beautiful, I especially love the ‘some things are best enjoyed out of season.’
    Aurora x

  12. Actually this post has made me sob. The beautiful photo and incredible words are so wonderful. What a moving post.

    “Some things are best enjoyed out of season.”
    Magical x x x

  13. I love the central idea of your post – some things are best enjoyed out of season when we appreciate them more, and there are many things that are better with age / time. I love the metaphor of image as nourishment… something that will become what it is meant to be over time and will be enjoyed more the more it is left untouched. As for the photo itself – I think you look marvelous, and I like the details (things tied to the headboard, socks on the bed) in the photo very much because they make me feel like this is a moment captured. One of my favorite SS posts ever!

  14. A stunning, powerful shot x <3

  15. Such a powerful pose, I love the strength and determination in this sprinkled with just enough sass!

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