A gift to you and a gift to me.

It’s just over six years since I made a major change in my life. Until that point, despite being a very sexual person, I did not have a visual relationship with who I was. My sexuality was sensation and action based. I was visually invisible.

Six years ago, I started taking pictures. I took the first few to prove to myself that it was pointless. It was an exercise in facing my fear with the expectation of being ignored and being invisible. By the time that Christmas came that year, I had started to own my images. This picture is from that Christmas. Taking pictures has changed me, so this image is a gift to you and a gift to me.

I’ve changed in body and mind in those six years. Looking back, I love this image and what it shows about me.

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Sinful Sunday
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  1. Gorgeously wrapped . . . lovely sentiments and a lovely gift for all of us to enjoy!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Johnny come lately

    Excellent picture and a perfect gift.

  3. This is a fantastic image – the bow, excellent idea

  4. Simply gorgeous! You really are a lovely gift!

    Rebel xox

  5. A beautiful gift. A lovely photo xx

  6. Wowza! You are definitely owning this image. Really gorgeous shot!
    Aurora x

  7. Wonderful moving words. You bottom looks just so happy wrapped up in that bow. Your happiness is infectious! CP x

  8. This is absolutely stunning shot ❤ x

  9. What a beautiful gift and damn what a fucking awesome arse you have


  10. Very alluring picture and congratulations on six years of being visible.

  11. I love it too. 6 years, I’ve been enjoying seeing that tat for two now.

  12. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and intimate memory. Of course the picture is stunning. 🌷💕

  13. I love the pictures with a story and your post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and keep taking the amazing images.

  14. The gift that keeps on giving! Lovely pic, gorgeous curves – the bow sets you off so well, and I appreciated the story!
    Indie x

  15. What a beautiful gift and what a beautiful arse!

  16. And a very welcome gift too. As someone who takes photos as much as a way of building my own self-confidence as much as for others to enjoy, I totally get this.

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