On Twitter and on blogs, there are lots of wonderful wrap me in lights pictures at this time of year. As I often am, I have been naughty and subverted it slightly. I haven’t wrapped me in lights but there was still sparkling joy in taking this image and a moment savoured in the joy of Christmas preparation.

Who else is sharing. Click and see.

Sinful Sunday
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  1. Oh my, I love your version of wrapping! Delicious!

    Merry Christmas, my dear friend!
    Rebel xox

  2. Beautiful, and its my favorite colour! Happy Xmas!
    Indie xx

  3. Unff!

    This shot is incredible.

  4. A little extra Christmas sensation with that wrapping. Love it.

  5. That’s so fantastically festive!
    Brilliant image đŸ’“

  6. Oh Honey you naughty thing, I love this!


  7. johnny come lately

    Very impressive!
    I could sit and watch that for ages.

  8. Oh, this is fabulous. Glass and lights are a perfect pair. Happy holidays!

  9. Wow, that’s some image. That’s a nice dildo, I gave one to my hairdresser. Wrapped in lights, clever.

  10. ohh this is an excellent idea for the #wrapmeinlights hashtag.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  11. Awesome photo idea – Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  12. Shiny thing! Shiny thing! My attention span is blown.

  13. wooooooooooooww thanks for sharing

  14. I think I like your version of light wrapping!

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