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This month’s prompt week has arrived. It’s Daily Routine. For my image, I’ve chosen something that is a routine, a part of the cycle of my life, but not a daily routine. You will find me doing this several times a day for a few days of every month.

Me and my mooncup.

Who else is sharing for Sinful Sunday. Click the lips to see.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. I absolutely love this 💓 wonderful take on the prompt x x

  2. I LOVE this. Yay for mooncups and being period positive. I love the way the light is catching your leg and showing off the definition of your muscle and the angle of the shots makes for a really dynamic image


  3. This is perfect, Honey. Nothing less than everything I’ve come to expect from you

  4. Awesome idea for prompt – I love my menstrual cup. Def makes the process s much easier ❤ X

  5. Go you! I’ve tried Diva cup a couple of times, but then got an iud and it lightened my periods so much it isn’t necessary. I do love joe period positive you are!

  6. I LOVE the angle of this shot – brilliant! Yes, definitely a daily routine for at least a few days a month (and I also love my menstrual cup)! Great take the prompt.

  7. Excellent idea for the prompt and super angle for the shot

  8. Great use of the prompt and a brilliant photo xx

  9. What a fucking beautiful shot! I love everything about it! The unusual angle of it, the way we can see your hiding nipple, not mention my love to black and white images and of course the menstrual cup. I’ve never tried it cause my periods are not so intense but I’m also about positive environmental products. So it’s reusable pads for me;) One of my favourite image this week!!

  10. Ah! This brings back so many memories plus the real recognition that I could not imagine ever not having periods and then it seemed suddenly they were gone and done. What an interesting take on the prompt.

  11. This is damn sexy! Sexy and special, just like you are.
    I love that you have chosen to show this because menstruation should not be something we cannot speak about openly!

    Rebel xox

  12. Very original take on the prompt. Well done!

  13. I was really confused about what I was looking at for a
    Moment because of the angle. What a wally! As soon as I realised I was all ‘wow’! Fabulous shot. Xx

  14. I really admire people that are period positive. It’s just not something I’ve managed to do so far which sounds awful but I’ve struggled with floods and irregularities since I was 13.

    • It’s not been easy. I have always had bad periods and they have got worse and worse. I now have the mirena coil and even with that I still have a period every month. The difference is that I can now go a normal length of time between changes. Before the mirena, I flooded for days.

      • I really need to write about mine. Now I have my writing mojo back it should be soonish. I’ve had three mirenas now and it turns out it wasn’t right for me. I’ve had the implant for 18 months now and I’ve just had a month of incredibly sore boobs followed by a mini period, who knows what the next ‘upto’ 18 months will hold.

  15. nicely done beautiful image

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