Please, Sir..

May I have…

I am really bad at asking for the things that I want or crave. I am getting better though. Last week, just before we had to get up and go, I asked for six with the cane. I’m still not fully able to explain why but being spanked or caned and then having to straighten up my clothes and go is something that I hate that I love. I go out of the door with the heat on my skin mirrored by the need in me to be used more. It’s frustrating and really taps deeply into my submissive soul.

So, last Saturday, I went about my day with these marks and a desperate need to… I’m sure you can guess at what.

Who else is sharing for Sinful Sunday? Click and see.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Oh those marks…. and like you I am fairly rubbish at asking for what I want. I do find that asking for it can somehow take the edge off it as I have trouble with being the instigator


  2. I can relate to the need from the other side of the equation. I love spanking a partner and then heading out with them knowing they are still feeling the sensations and marked.

  3. I love having the marks on me and knowing HE gave them to me and recalling how

  4. I too love marks like that xx

  5. sweet marks of love

  6. “I am really bad” – could’ve ended (sic.) the intro there!!

  7. Really lovely marks and the words to go with them. CP xx

  8. Those marks are gorgeous, and you are so brave to ask for the cane!

    Rebel xox

  9. when the time comes I think I will be asking as well
    the marks look amazing and I kinda of know about that feeling you explain.


  10. A beautiful looking six-of-the-best !!!
    Xxx – K

  11. What perfectly even stripes!

  12. Gorgeous 😍. I’d be a squirmy, needy mess after too.

  13. I am useless at asking for what I need, we actually had a big conversation about it this weekend.

    And those marks are just lovely!

  14. Ooooh, those marks!

    I’m trying to get better at asking for what I want, taking inspiration from my kink friends. I’m still not great but practise makes perfect, right?

  15. Such a beautiful bottom with glorious marks! I’m glad you are starting to ask for what you want and need. I can definitely understand how hard it can be.
    Aurora x

  16. im not brave enough to ask for anything so i applaud your bravery!1

    great shot and beautiful marks x

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